May is a beautiful month and this year, the hope of finally coming out of confinement for good. The essential step for this month of spring: use and abuse these products that we have created for you, for your skin, so that they bring you the full happiness for this month of spring (and holidays) that we love.

Get a good night’s sleep with Pillow Mist

With the confinement, your habits have surely changed. The working hours, the hours of going out, the sight of the sun… everything is now different and can disturb your sleep schedule.
To help you relax at nightfall, we reveal one of our secrets.
Use this spray, our famous Pillow mist: it will sublimate the place of your dreams.
Indeed, its different scents prepare your body and mind for a night of total relaxation. Just spray it on the curtains and sheets, close your eyes, breathe and you’re ready to go.

Two scents to choose from: orange blossom or lotus ginger.

Detoxify the skin with a scrub

May is also synonymous with holidays and the first rays of the sun. It’s time for some great face and body scrubs. The purpose of a body scrub is to remove dead skin cells and encourage the healthy production of new cells. Through this deep cleansing mechanism, the skin can breathe more easily, it will be more luminous, radiant, soft and velvety. For tanning enthusiasts, regularly exfoliated skin will tan much faster and better.
(In our article entitled « usefulness of the scrub for the skin », by the way, we talk about it in more detail.)

Thus, for the body, you can use a scrub or an exfoliating cream. Both act as a real skin cleanser.

You can then choose between :
– The desert sand scrub : a concoction in 2 phases oil and grains to exfoliate and nourish at the same time,
– The exfoliating cream with argan grains: a smooth cream with argan, mango and shea butters, with finely ground argan and rice powder. Results are visible immediately.

And don’t forget to scrub your face! An essential operation in this beautiful month of May. Pure Melting Scrub is your best ally. It is an exceptional recipe based on prickly pear seed oil, aloe vera and argan oil with argan vegetable micro particles. On a base of jelly composed among others of aloe vera that you apply and massage on your face, the small grains will roll on the skin to get rid of these dead cells. After a good rinse, the skin is radiant.
Use once or twice a week for more radiance and luminosity.

And if you like 2-in-1 products, try the Exfoliating and Mask Radiance.

Use a day cream to get glowing skin

In spring, it is impossible to ignore the usefulness of day cream. It does much more than moisturize. It actually helps the skin to defend itself from external aggressions, to reduce or prevent wrinkles. On our site you will find, for example, the Ages Et Merveilles Cream with prickly pear seed oil which is the perfect day cream for mature skin.

Some day creams like the Pure Matte Cream Gel allow mixed and oily skins to regain balance and strength. While the Radiance Cream brings to the face an extreme comfort all day long.

Choose the day cream that corresponds to your skin type and needs and apply it to your face without any guilt.

NB: These creams are made of natural ingredients (their percentage is mentioned on each product) and are paraben-free, silicone-free and are not tested on animals.

Finish with a touch of eau de parfum

Don’t let the current mood and trend influence your mood. Instead, bring cheerfulness into your day by adorning yourself with the best scents of the Mediterranean.
Did you know that scents can actually affect your mind? Hence, by choosing among the most original eaux de parfums, you will not only delight your soul but also leave an unforgettable impression on those around you, sharing a little of your world with them.

It is sure, these scents with notes of Marrakech will not leave anyone indifferent.

Find them on our Perfume section.

So, with these products, you can experience a good atmosphere while staying at home, waiting for things to return to normal.