Our perfume: an olfactory happiness of scents « Les Sens de Marrakech »

Made by natural ingredients, “Les Sens De Marrakech” perfume for men and women has been specially concocted to give you a lasting sweet and pleasant smell.

The journey of the senses begins with a perfume of character

The history of our brand, Les Sens de Marrakech, has been developed with strength and tenderness, also the character of our perfume reflects the combination of both power and estheticism.

Exceptional oriental perfume with the sent of Marrakech beauty

Our deep desire is to take you on a trip to Marrakech through our powerful and mesmerizing perfume. Discover the sensuality of the Orient through our feminine perfume with touches of orange, amber or essence of neroli. Your senses will be transported and your sensuality revealed. A touch of our feminine perfume is enough to sublime you.

But as our concern is also for men, we offer our range of mixed perfume with leather, incense and crumpled leaves mixed with buds on a background of Cassissier wood. It carries with it that indissociable character of Morocco and oriental flavors that make it rich. These scents will adapt not only to the delicacy of feminine skin, delicate and fragile, but also to the virility of masculine leather, powerful but tender. Nobody will remain indifferent to the unique perfume that your smell will leave in the minds. You will personalize your presence by the power and the authenticity of your perfume. Every day will become a journey thanks to the quality of the products offered by “Les Sens de Marrakech”. Our perfume comes from the best Moroccan ingredients that nature offers.

Our concern is to satisfy the desire for a return to nature, to the sources of the Orient. Feel free to perfume your clothes so that every part of you and of your belongings is sublimed and your footprint is marked over time. Now, start the journey and discover our unique perfume!