Most people think that an oil can make the skin oily and difficult to penetrate. This reason may have kept you from trying an oil even if it is called “dry” or applied in the shower.
However, not all oils are the same. Some are said to be slow penetrating and others, because of their use, penetrate instantly.
But the oils are especially the nourishing products par excellence, they take care of the skin like no other product. They leave a satiny and greedy veil on the skin. They plump it up and provide it with the nutrients necessary for its protection and softness.

The 3 advantages of shower oil in this article.

Oil in the shower saves time

Les Sens de Marrakech shower oil is used after a shower gel. It quickly allows to have a nourished and velvety skin. Indeed, the advantage of the oil care of water is as well the speed of application as the quality of the absolutely nourished skin without any feeling of grease.

This shower oil does not contain soap

There are several types of shower oils, including those that wash and those that nourish. For our water care oil, it does not contain cleansing agents like soap for example, so its role is purely nourishing and replaces the application of a milk, cream or oil to be applied to dry skin.
It is to be used in complement with a shower gel without sulfate, without silicone like our Ancestral Shower Gel for example.

It nourishes and cares for your skin

Created to be miscible with water (which is not the case for oils that always separate from water) by adhering completely to the skin, Oil Care Water is a product that makes the happiness of the driest skin. Its active ingredients composed of natural oils including argan oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil protect and plump the skin by nourishing it and consequently acting on its elasticity for a rebounded and smooth skin.

This shower oil with argan has a multitude of different benefits that can make your skin healthier and happier.

So, if you’re looking for a good shower oil enriched with argan oil, try our Water Care Oil shower oil today.