Douche ancestrale

Ancestral Shower

Use this shower gel with natural aloe vera today.

Dive into an ocean of softness and mythical oriental scents with every shower. This spectacular ancestral shower gel with Aloe Vera in the fragrance of your choice cleanses without drying the skin. Its formula is without paraben nor silicone for the good pleasure of its users. Plus, it contains up to 90% naturally derived ingredients.

So, what scent would you choose? Euphoric patchouli, intoxicating jasmine, feminine rose, sweet orange blossom, sparkling tangerine, invigorating verbena, sensual amber & musk, or gourmand almond petals?

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8 scents to enrich your shower moments

Available in one size

Starting from €14.50
  • Skin, Aloe vera shower gel
  • Ideal for all skin types, easy to apply