You and your skin have taken on new habits on vacation. Change of food, climate, rhythm. Often drier at the end of summer, sometimes prone to rashes due to the sun, sea water or swimming pool, the skin needs to renew itself, … In short, after your vacations, your skin just needs to find its rhythm again! Below are some beauty tips for back to school 2021.

Back from vacation and back to good habits

Before we talk about using skin products, it is essential to get back to healthy habits first. Our advice would be to limit alcohol consumption, get as much sleep as possible, eat well and stay hydrated. Water and balanced food are absolutely essential for the skin.
Once you’ve started to hydrate and balance your body from the inside out, it’s important to use the right products for your current skin condition. To help you get back on track, here are some recommendations for reviving your jet-lagged skin.

Beauty tips for back to school

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have an accurate diagnosis of your skin. If you have any doubts, please refer to our article that will help you. The very first thing to do when you get back from vacation is to exfoliate your face and body in order to get rid of excess tanning agents that clog your skin unnecessarily. The second thing is to nourish and moisturize it again and again.

Beauty tips for the eyes after the vacations

It’s the end of the vacations! And to look good at the office, here are the must-have products of the moment.
To have your eyes revived and awakened, use Eye contour Gel Cream.
This date and hyaluronic acid-based product is a special contour for the eye that shows signs of fatigue and stress. Enriched with skin-benefiting ingredients, it’s exactly what you need to achieve your usual revitalized look.

A cream full of benefits

Have you spent a little too much time under the sun and your face is now lacking in moisture? The Radiance Cream comes to your rescue. This nourishing cream is the ultimate daily skin care product, with ingredients that help restore and heal skin from free radical damage and sun exposure. Apply every morning with light smoothing motions on perfectly clean and dry face and neck.

How to be beautiful from head to toe for the new school year?

Exfoliating the body is a great way to get rid of toxins accumulated in the skin such as excess tanning and eliminate outstanding dry skin. It stimulates the body’s circulation and provides unparalleled relaxation. To do this, use the Desert sand Body scrub and make circular movements from the feet to the arm. Use once or twice a week on the whole dry body. Rinse thoroughly.
This scrub with ingredients of natural origin is enriched in argan oil for the good pleasure of your skin.

Now you’re ready to get back to your daily routine and your usual pretty face. With your body relaxed and your skin in good health, you have everything you need to to be the most beautiful in the new school year 2021.