Les Sens de Marrakech, Marrakech, the city of the founder’s heart, the city where the senses are in perpetual awakening. A city made of scents, colors, body rituals. Les Sens de Marrakech evokes the life of Marrakech, so swarming and so lively (attention Le Sens de Marrakech is not Les Sens de Marrakech). It is a story of hopes, encounters, perseverance and love.

The beginnings of Les Sens de Marrakech

It was in 2003 that Céline Seguin Musquar, French, created the brand Les Sens de Marrakech.
This dream was born from a deep love for the country that she felt from the very first moments of her arrival.
Inspired by the beauty rituals of Morocco, the extreme richness of natural ingredients and her love for orange blossom, she first created the orange blossom body range. Wishing to collaborate with craftsmen, the bottles are then adorned with handmade decoration. Later, the ranges were extended from year to year.

With a constant concern to use the best resources of Morocco, both for the ingredients and for the quality of work of craftsmen, the beauty worlds of the brand Les Sens de Marrakech, expand gradually over the years.

Fully Made in Marrakech

What is the Made in Marrakech ? Marrakech, for those who know it, is a city of craftsmen, spice markets, hammams, sun and warmth. Through each product, the brand has the will to transmit you this magic of Marrakech. To discover a product is to enter a world of delicate packaging, rich ingredients and voluptuous scents.


On each product, you will find the handmade touch of the local craftsmen since absolutely every packaging is totally handmade. The coppersmiths who handle the art of metal cut, file, hammer and then the embroiderers who weave, roll and create this unique trimmings with their hands. These craftsmen then create the packaging for the bottles that make them unique and that you can then reuse as you wish (see the section Handmade package).
Indeed, Céline Seguin Musquar wanted to give back to Marrakech the benefit she has given it by involving its population in all stages of production.

Below are some videos showing:

1- copperware for the manufacture of corks for Home Fragrances

2- the embroidery of decoration of Orange Blossom Oriental Body Milk
3- embroidery and trimmings for decorate the bottles Home Fragrances
In addition to the coppersmiths and embroiderers, the research and development laboratory and the manufacturing plant are located in Marrakech. All our manufacturing recipes are unique and the secrets of our formulas jealously guarded. Our ingredients come first and foremost from Morocco and then from France. Our objective is to never go beyond these borders in order to keep the circuit of ingredients as short as possible.

Ingredients of natural origin

Céline Seguin Musquar wishes to highlight the many riches of the Kingdom of Morocco in each of her products. Morocco is rich in natural ingredients and it is, of course, unthinkable to use parabens, dyes, phenoxyethanol, occlusive mineral oils, and generally speaking ingredients that are harmful or not useful to the formula. We advocate short and effective formulas.
Some of the most popular naturally derived ingredients include Argan , la prickly pear, fragrant mandarin and almond blossom.

In summary

Here are other criteria for these products, apart from the fact that they are made in Marrakech :
– silicone-free (why choose silicone-free products?)
– non-comedogenic
– suitable for all skin types
– tested in an independent laboratory prior to marketing
– all of the fragrance compositions meet the IFRA  standards
One thing is certain, the founder makes sure to give the best of nature through her products at the origin of beauty.


Where is the Les Sens de Marrakech brand today? Les Sens de Marrakech is
– a brand present in several countries including Germany, Senegal (2), Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia (Dubai), etc.
– more than 200 sellers worldwide
– 2 shops in Marrakech
– products that are trusted by influential women, like Sananas
From now on, wherever you are, the brand will make sure you are supplied with its wonderful products that are the source of beauty.