You often hear that people prefer silicone-free shampoos and other silicone-free products … but what is the reason for that? Is silicone that bad?

Silicone is actually a petroleum derivative that slips into many formulations for its convenience, not expensive and the silky (but very superficial) appearance it gives to the skin but is it so good?
At Les Sens de Marrakech, we have never used silicones and will never use them, we so love Mother Nature and your skin for that.

Silicone brings no benefit to the skin

First of all, they are not active ingredients, that is, they do not play any role in protecting and caring for the skin. In short, using them is strictly useless … although … they are used to pollute the planet given the endless time (500) years they put to disintegrate, and, for some, to be endocrine disruptors.

In addition, the use of silicone will create a barrier on the skin or hair which will not allow the skin to absorb the right ingredients that will do it good. For example, women who put silicone-based serums in their hair often have trouble coloring them. The barrier that the silicone creates is such that nothing can pass through it. It’s the same for the skin.

How to recognize silicone-free products?

When reading the ingredients of the products you want to buy, you just need to note the names of these ingredients that end up “Silicine oil (the easiest) and very often by the suffixes” …. ciloxane, …. silane, … ..thicone “. You will most likely be very surprised by the number of products that contain silicones.

It is strictly recommended to use silicone-free products to facilitate the care of the skin and hair. So we chose to replace all these silicones with natural vegetable oils. While their cost is higher in our formulas, they are also less stable and the products are more difficult to implement but nothing beats a vegetable oil such as argan oil, sunflower, sweet almond and generally all vegetable oils.

Choose Les Sens de Marrakech cosmetics, such as the silicone-free face cream made with 100% natural argan oil or the moroccan natural black soap for a homemade hammam experiences.