In this period of celebration and especially of reconfinement, we have decided to spoil you with these original gift boxes from Marrakech. You will find the best of beauty to offer the best care to your loved ones.

Make your Christmas (and that of your loved ones) special with these 3 gift boxes that combine colors, formulas and product styles.

No doubt that they will make happy people under the tree this year.

Christmas Gift Box Luxury and Nutrition

Christmas is almost here, only a few days left until December 25th. And although this year has been special or somewhat difficult for most of us. It is still an opportunity, more than ever, to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

So, with this well-filled gift box Luxury and nutrition, Put the woman(s) of your life in the spotlight. For your grandmother, mother, sister or friend, find 3 essential products for a nourished, soft and perfumed skin.

A milk, a cream and a soap with a choice of 4 scents (Almond Blossom, Rose & Sandalwood, Orange Blossom and Verbena) to suit every personality.

Sublime Orange Blossom gift box

Don’t hesitate any longer for your gifts, authentic orange blossom products will delight the senses for their sweetness as well as for the olfactory journey they offer. You will find the orange blossom in this box, in the form of Ancestral Shower, Body milk and soap. With each use, it will remind you of the freshness and fruitiness of a nice summer in Marrakech.

And even if you may not be able to come to Marrakech this year, you can certainly take it home with you through these wonderful products.

The Orange Blossom Gift Box is ideal for fans of travel and softness.

Love gift box

Express your love with passion thanks to this set. It has been specially created for you and your beloved.

For Christmas, surprise him or her with a cosy and intimate atmosphere. To do so, light the scented candle inside and make a simple psshit with the pillow mist. Then, with the sensual oil, offer him a most sensual massage to melt his heart.

Celebrate your love in beauty with the Love gift box Les Sens de Marrakech.

It is fair enough to say that this year has been eventful and hopefully we will never have to endure it again. But it is also a year that will make us love and appreciate the holidays even more than ever.

Thus, on, you will find even more Christmas gift ideas for both men and women as authentic as each other. There are several types and several scents to make their happy recipients smile.

No need to wait until the last minute to do your shopping, together, from today, let’s make this end of year an unforgettable moment.