Embrace the philosophy of an ecological lifestyle with Les Sens de Marrakech. Yes, this year we present you this reusable gift wrap, a beautiful and ingenious art.

From this Valentine’s Day 2022, if you feel like offering (or giving) a gift, use this personalized fabric packaging made in Marrakech.

Just take with it: 2 face products, 2 body products or 2 home products. Fold, tie, and that’s it! (We show you how to do it in the video below)

A fabric gift wrap, infinitely reusable

Let’s consume more consciously: the planet needs us. It’s about making small decisions that will ultimately make a significant difference for our fellow man.

For example, you can reuse this Les Sens de Marrakech fabric over and over again, not just for one occasion. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of waste produced. And even though the video only shows a few “packable” products, you can wrap soaps, moisturizers and shower gels in it….

This is a great sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper. With this ecological cosmetic packaging, fewer plastic-covered gift bags and boxes will end up in the landfill. No more tapes and other resources, it stands on its own.

But while the benefits of this reusable tissue wrap are undeniable, the question is “how to use it”. So, to help you, and to make you benefit from this eco-friendly gift paper from Les Sens de Marrakech (especially for Valentine’s Day), here are some simple techniques to adopt.

1- How to package home products?


2- How to pack body products?



3- How to pack face products?


Our small steps to contribute to a greener world

We truly believe that beauty is not just about skin, and that skincare should be a top priority for everyone. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet. That’s why for some time now, we’ve decided to advocate for sustainable beauty. As our concept of rechargeable packaging in Marrakech for example and also this reusable packaging with the colors of Marrakech.

For now, these are only small steps, but sustainability is about small, simple and constant efforts to produce less and less waste.

With these initiatives, and hopefully many more to come, we would like to “go green” and offer ecological and sustainable beauty products.

Are you ready to embark on this new adventure with us? Stay tuned with Les Sens de Marrakech.