To go on vacation, what is better than to have travel size products ? Enjoy your moments of relaxation while offering your skin the best of nature with Les Sens de Marrakech’s cosmetics. Follow the guide and let us compose your travel kit.

Use our travel size beauty products made in Marrakech

The brand Les Sens De Marrakech offers you mini beauty products for multiple and varied trips. To travel light while taking care of your skin, it offers everything you need in mini format and all made in Marrakech.

Shower Gel

In number one, find the essential, the travel size shower gel. The Shower Gel “Ancestral Shower” is available in 100ml format. This is exactly what makes it easy to include in your suitcase or travel bag. Choose from 4 scents including amber and musk, orange blossom, verbena and patchouli. In addition to being practical and fragrant, with its base of aloe vera, it helps protect and rebalance the ph of the skin without attacking.

Oriental Milk

In number two, never forget among your travel size beauty products made in Marrakech, Oriental Milk made from argan oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax. This milk comes in 3 scents including orange blossom, patchouli and verbena. Easy to apply, this travel-size body milk penetrates quickly to feed the driest skins. So, thanks to it, wherever you see, your skin will keep all its natural beauty.

Water Care Oil

100ml travel-size Water Care Oil is your week ends’ ally. This best seller is available in 2 scents 100 ml Orange blossom and Amber & musk, which, in a wink makes you skin beautiful and soft as ever. This is to be used on wet skin after the Ancestral Shower gel, apply it by quick movements then do a light rinse and it’s over. A non-greasy oil just perfect.

Sensual Oil

In addition, an oil version for a nourished skin, satin and scented, this time to use on dry skin at all times of the day, discover the sensual oil. With argan oil and the scents of orange blossom and patchouli and put in a travel bottle size 100ml. This oil is perfect for holidays in places with dry climate.

Thus, thanks to Les Sens De Marrakech cosmetics, your travel kit will be complete without being heavy.

The benefits of having mini-format natural products while traveling

Mini-format products, mini-weight products

To make your trip easier, mini-format natural products are just what you need. They allow to lighten your suitcase unlike full size products.

Traveling by plane serenely

Travel cosmetics help to avoid confusion, especially on planes. Indeed, air travel has very strict rules. For example, your carry-on baggage should only contain liquids with a maximum of 100ml for each container. Thus, having a kit with travel-sized cosmetics is the solution to avoid falling into similar situations.

Your favorite brand with you, everywhere

Travel sizes allow you to always stay close to your favorite brand at any time as they slip easily into your carry-on luggage.

Test before buying

Even without relation to travel, mini-cosmetics are useful. Indeed, they can be used as “testers” before investing in full size.