You never know when to put your anti-aging product. Too early, too late? Whether we love them or hate them, wrinkles are part of the cycle of life, they appear naturally, little by little, and remind us that, yes, years go by.

Dry skin will be more easily marked by the time with expression wrinkles that arrive quite early. On the other hand, thicker skin, such as combination and oily skin, has later but deep wrinkles. Today’s treatments help to reduce them, to provide water with moisturizing care and appropriate nutrients.

Here are some ways to help you choose the right product at the right time.

Anti-aging products between 20 and 30 years

A skin is treated from 20 years by a lifestyle, a diet, creams, a good make-up removal. Adopt a natural moisturizer, in our range “Fresh Emulsion” care, with shea butter and argan oil and with 96% natural ingredients will meet its criteria of naturalness. Unless you feel the need, a night cream is not necessary.

Choosing a care too strong and with a connotation “Anti-aging” is much too young. The older the skin becomes, the less effective they will be at the right time. Your skin will quickly become more demanding and you will be in the spiral of care even more.

Anti-aging products between 30 and 40 years

This is the time to take things in hand. The cells regenerate less quickly, the production of collagen is slowed down and the first expression lines on dry skin appear.

Putting a hyaluronic acid cream every morning before attacking the day is absolutely necessary. This cream will protect your skin from external aggressions, allow it to be more comfortable and have the water and nutrients to hold a full day. Les Sens de Marrakech recommends “Radiance cream” for dry skin or “Matte & Pure Gel Cream” for combination and oily skin.

If your skin is dry, it is also important to use an anti-aging treatment at night. The skin at rest will regenerate faster.

Anti-aging products between 40 and 50 years

Wrinkles, beyond those of expression, begin to really appear, it is the moment to never forget to put its anti-wrinkle cream morning and evening and to choose it with active assets. It is the exact time that the skin becomes saggier which means it is much less elastic. We must help it not to lose its radiance and dynamism.

At each major change of season, apply a serum to enhance the effect of the cream. This is the “Prickly Pear Seed Oil” that applies under the Ages and Merveilles day cream. Use them in the evening as well before going to bed.

Also important, use our Eye contour gel cream, every morning or evening. Because your eye contour is often the most exposed to fine lines of expression.

Anti-aging products after 50 years

This is the time of menopause when the skin undergoes a real change. The sebum that allows the skin to be plumper, lessens, skin dries. That is why it is essential to treat it every day.

Every morning, apply a serum “Prickly Pear Seed Oil” under the cream “Ages and Merveilles day cream” then apply your Eye contour gel cream.

In the evening, same routine but without the eye area.

Of course, a good make-up removal, water and a healthy lifestyle are also crucial in the vitality of the skin.