Natural ingredients for a hand & nail cream with nourishing, moisturizing and protective active ingredients.

To have hands and nails protected all year long

The natural ingredients of this hand care promote hydration and protection against aggression. Find in it the 100% natural argan oil, precious oil of Morocco that soothes, nourishes and restructures the skin naturally. It acts in addition to sweet almond oil, which also nourishes and protects. Your hands and nails thus receive a double concentration of nourishing active ingredients with a very fast penetration and without any sticky or greasy feeling.

In addition to these two oils, allantoin is a super repairer for very dry hands especially at the approach of winter. Glycerine will act in addition to all these assets for its protective role. This moisturizing hand and nail cream is the indispensable and super effective ally to fight against dry skin.

Try the best Oriental scented hand cream with argan oil

Amber and musk, Orange Blossom, Rose and Sandalwood, Verbena and Almond Petals: scents to explore and to love. Depending on your personality and mood, choose the scent of your hand and nail cream and travel to the East without leaving your home!

An amber and musk scented hand cream

The amber fragrance is suitable not only for women but for men too. Associated with musk, the amber scent is synonymous with luxury and calm.

A hand care with almond blossom

If you want a smoother and softer smell reminiscent of childhood, you can choose Almond blossom. In Morocco, the blossoming season of the almond tree gives a breathtaking spectacle. The landscape, filled with trees with small pink flowers and their sweet smells alone create an authentic atmosphere appreciated by all. You can almost feel this happiness with the application of this cream scented petals almonds.

A hand cream with verbena

As for verbena, it brings freshness and vitality to your daily life: something to boost your mornings with a simple application.

The orange blossom scent on your hands

But if you seek relaxation and softness, the orange blossom remains the best seller of all, even for this hand and nail cream .

Hands with rose water

And finally, for lovers of rose water, find this floral scent by putting this hand and nail care on your hands day and night: to consume without moderation.

Your hand care in two sizes 30ml and 75ml

Fall in love with the handmade packaging for 75 ml sizes. The small pompoms have been painstakingly made by embroiderers for this moisturizing hand cream. The 30 ml format can, he, slip into all the bags, it is just perfect for the trip.

Their different sizes are suitable for the home or mini to sneak everywhere: always carry with you.

This hand and nail cream with argan oil will really make you happy. Our promise: once you try it you will adopt it for your daily hand care routine.