This month, all spotlights on our facial skin. We all want to look at this rested and radiant face of summer and say goodbye to the dull, blurred and splinter-free complexion that undermines our morale as well as our skin tone.

Causes of a dull complexion without radiance

(Too) Long exposure to the sun

The reasons for a radiant complexion are related to the care we give it but also to the first rays of the sun when it caresses the face and makes our melanin rise, this same sun is also responsible for a rough and sometimes dull complexion. Using without abusing this good old Mr. Sunshine should be our motto.

The skin suffers without sun but too much sun is also not ideal for it. Damage caused by the sun weakens collagen. This leads to sagging and dulling of the skin.

Protect your skin by using hats, caps and avoiding the hottest hours. At Les Sens de Marrakech, we prefer to protect the skin mechanically (with hats, clothes, …) rather than using sunscreens that we consider harmful to the skin and nature. But this could be part of another article as there is so much to say on this subject …

Stress, stress, stress everywhere

The causes of stress are multiple, and the first indicator of this stress is the skin. The state of happiness or stress is immediately noticeable on the face. The level of cortisol (among other hormones) increases and causes the skin color of the face to turn green or even gray.

To combat stress, adopt the motto that “Nothing is ever as black as you think it is, nor as pink, that the truth of the situation is probably in the middle of these colors” and then take a nice hot bath at home. Burn scented candles to relax the body as much as possible. Both will help relax muscles and calm nerves.

Water is life

And yes, what goes into the system influences the skin. In addition to eating more vegetables and less processed foods, water should also be a large part of our daily diet.

On average, women should drink 2.7 liters of water per day and men should drink 3.7 liters per day.drink it before you feel thirsty.

Unsuitable cosmetic product

Each skin type has its own specific type and needs. An inappropriate cosmetic product can damage it and thus create spots and a lifeless appearance.

Even if a cream is effective for this or that person, it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you.

To choose your cosmetic product, we suggest that you first choose according to your skin type and for this it is necessary to know it well and then choose those that are non-comedogenic and based on ingredients of natural origin. (Read also « How to recognize effective beauty products? »)

What routine to adopt to correct a dull complexion?

If after reading the above, you now want to start from scratch and adopt a new skin routine, here is what Les Sens de Marrakech offers you:

Go to the hammam regularly

To obtain a luminous and flawless complexion, use before the hammam this exfoliating mask scrub. It contains argan grains as well as argan oil with date extract. As a result, the face is radiant, the skin texture refined. As soon as you have removed it, enter in your hammam or if necessary under a hot shower.

Not only does a hot shower or a hammam relax the mind (and this is absolutely essential to regaining a radiant skin) but it also opens the pores to cleanse the skin deeply.

For the body, use the Marrakech black soap in parallel with the kessa glove.

The circular massage movements, the warm water and the atmosphere of the place will help you to let go.

Result of the care under the shower or the hammam with these products? A rested body and deeply cleansed skin. The best combination to regain all its radiance.

Remove make-up every day

As mentioned in our article how to remove make-up properly,  you can use either a cleansing milk or a micellar water.

The most important and absolutely primordial is that the skin be rid of all traces of even the most invisible impurities before going to bed.

At night, when the skin rests, it renews itself. This is the time when it regains its strength. This work of renewal becomes easier when the skin is clean. You can even put a little prickly pear oil or argan oil to nourish and soothe it. Just make sure to clean it well when you wake up and put your day cream in it.

Thus, to find your radiant skin, no need for exceptional elements. Just simple and natural routines.

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