These are often questions when we have to choose our ideal beauty products. The fact that there are so many choices of products can make us lose our sense of decision.

Which one suits us best? Sometimes it’s a question of timing. The cosmetics we use in winter will be different from those for the summer. For this reason, it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions before you even buy your favorite product. Habits are sometimes misleading and we miss the product that would suit us perfectly when needed.

This short and simple product guide, prepared by spa professionals, will only take a few minutes. It will allow you to orient with more ease on the beauty product that suits you.
If you are wondering “what is my skin type“, you can also read our article on “How to make a good skin diagnosis“.

What is your skin type?

Very dry skin, if you do not nourish it, its appearance makes streaks

Give your skin water and nutrients, otherwise it will quickly wilt and lose its luster. Go for the most nourishing products in the range: Oriental Delight Cream, Water Care Oil, Sensual Balm.

Rather dry, it pulls and peels, it whitens on the surface

Daily maintenance is vital so that it does not fall into the very dry category. Whenever possible, try to apply Oriental Milk or Sensual Oil every day and Desert Sand Scrub.

Normal, it is rather soft and presents no streak of drought

Take advantage of this opportunity and maintain it by applying Milk Flakes daily. Fast and efficient, you do not waste time and go to the essentials of daily care. For the scrub, go for Exfoliating cream with argan grains.

Your ideal beauty products according to what you like

You like taking time for your care and spending time in your bathroom to take care of yourself.

Go for exfoliating scrubs with Argan Grain Exfoliating Cream, after application light massage your skin to remove all dead cells. To nourish it, you can choose the Oriental Delight Cream or the Sensual Balm that applies with a light massage.

You want things to go fast, you care yes but you like it short, you never take the time to take time.

The pace you have does not allow you to take time to care. And you do not like spending time in your bathroom. We thought of you by creating care for women and men in a hurry. Desert Sand Scrub, Milk Flakes, Oriental Milk, Sensual Oil and Water Care Oil.