Do you know these 4 gloves with different properties?

You will surely be familiar with the kessa, the one that is famous for ridding the skin of its dead cells in the shower. But did you know that there are other types especially at Les Sens de Marrakech, whose roles are diverse but equally beneficial for the skin?

See below then each of these Moroccan beauty gloves, with their undeniable uses and benefits. And for your greatest pleasure, we have brought them together in a single beautiful gift box.

Soap-saving soap mitt

Let us introduce you to the Les Sens de Marrakech soaping glove. Made of nylon fiber, you can call it a “soap saver” or a “foam accelerator” if you want because that’s exactly what it does! Indeed, it allows you to use fewer products and is used every day with your shower gel.

Made of nylon because it cleanses the skin gently. Your experience in the shower will therefore be perfect and completely gentle. Without forgetting that the non-rough texture of nylon is the most suitable for these moments of softness.

Associate it soaping glove with our Ancestral Shower Gel and find flawless skin after bathing.

The essential kessa glove

Our traditional Moroccan hammam glove, made of viscose crepe made from vegetable fibers, called “Kessa” is a famous glove in Morocco (and around the world) for eliminating dead skin and impurities. Ideally, it is used with the black soap Olive paste via circular movements on the skin under the hammam.

Made in Morocco, each of our kessa gloves is durable and this product is the scrub glove that every Moroccan owns. It is suitable for all skin types, from the most delicate to the most sensitive. All you have to do is vary the mechanical intensity of the scrub.

Let it accompany you in a lasting way in your bath or shower rituals at home.

All you need is hot water, hard soap or black soap and your kessa exfoliating glove, and you will have soft, velvety and radiant skin!

Handwoven loofah dry friction glove

Unlike other gloves, this one is for use on dry skin. That is to say, you will not necessarily need to be in the shower and equip yourself with soap to use it.

And yes, this loofah dry friction glove activates blood circulation and gives the skin a boost wherever you are and at any time of the day. Especially after 8 hours of work, back home, on a sofa or on the bed, massage your legs for well-being and an immediate feeling of lightness. Used regularly, it could also help smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. So, do we like or do we love?

Mini face glove: economical and durable

And we end this list of gloves with, without doubt, the most innovative of all: the glove for cleaning the face.

For your make-up removal routine, you can now use this natural, hand-woven make-up remover glove. It is washable and reusable as desired, which gives a boost to our dear environment but also to the wallet;). And yes, it can perfectly replace your usual wipe. This gives it a non-negotiable advantage. The mini face glove is to try and adopt today.

So don’t hesitate any longer. These Les Sens de Marrakech gloves will be your daily allies to make your life easier while taking care of your skin: that of the face and the whole body. They are available in the Bath Ritual Box.