Here are several treatments concocted in Marrakech to help you take good care of your feet and hands this year. These foot and hand care contain very rich active ingredients such as prickly pear, shea butter, sweet almond and aloe vera.

Foot and hand care with natural ingredients

The ingredients of natural origin, they are the ones that make our wealth. Find them in each of the products listed below.

Foot care

Would you like to enhance your feet? Here are some essential products.

Feet to Feet of Les Sens de Marrakech

Applicable in the form of a massage on your feet, the Argan foot cream intensively nourishes dry feet. A cream that can be used as often as possible, it gives cracked heels, dry and tired feet the suppleness and softness they need, without forgetting a feeling of freshness.

Refreshing Foot Scrub Cream

In order to smooth and soothe dry and tired feet, the Refreshing feet exfoliating cream. Composed essentially of argan shells, rice powder, wild menthol and shea butter, this cream removes dead cells and calluses from your skin. It is recommended to use it twice a week.

Scrubbing stone for feet

If you suffer from dry feet and cracked heels, here is the foot scrubbing stone. A solution and a traditional accessory, resulting from the traditions of Morocco, the stone of gumming helps you to remove the calluses and brings a comfort and a well-being to your feet.

Hand care with natural ingredients

Argan oil hand cream

The hand cream, thanks to its main ingredient argan oil, soothes and moisturizes the skin of your hands. After washing your hands, apply a dab of this cream at any time of the day and massage your hands to the wrists. Available in several fragrances and scents, this cream moisturizes and softens your hands.

Perfect Oils

This oil to be massaged on your nails is essentially a serum concentrated in oils which has for objective to soften your cuticules. Thanks to its noble components such as argan oil, prickly pear seeds, extra virgin olive and sweet almond, the perfect oil perfects and strengthens your nails by increasing their keratin and adding shine.

Exfoliating hand cream

Are your hands tired and dry? Here is the solution: the exfoliating hand cream. Composed of natural ingredients such as rice powder, argan chips, argan kaolin, mango and shea butter. All these ingredients provide an immediate effect and action to eliminate dead cells and refresh your hands.

So, be sure that with Les Sens de Marrakech, you will always have the best hand and foot care that exists based on ingredients of natural origin.