While waiting for the next season, focus this month on the rose and sandalwood range. This flagship spring collection is composed of rose, a flower with a feminine and tender scent that beauty products are so fond of, and sandalwood, which offers sensual and bewitching properties. This association sublimates this perfume which leaves an incomparable trail on your skin.

If you like feminine fragrances with an intense base note, let yourself be seduced by this scent and find them in an exclusive bath and body care collection.

Cosmetic products from the rose and sandalwood range

In June, roses are more beautiful than ever. It is without a doubt, the best season to indulge in rose and sandalwood bath and body care.

  • Ancestral shower: this shower gel with aloe vera gently cleanses the skin without damaging it. After the first action in the morning, the skin is not only purified but also smells so good.
  • Water care oil: this care oil to be applied under the shower is composed of 4 precious oils. It is a wonderful alternative for nourishing and softening the skin. In a few minutes, the skin has an incomparable velvety finish.
  • Sensual oil: Enriched in argan oil with nourishing and regenerating virtues and delicately scented with rose and sandalwood, it is a pure delight for the driest skins. The sensual oil with rose and sandalwood can also be used as a restorative massage oil for the body.
  • Desert sand scrub: the sand so present in Morocco inspired our desert sand scrub. It is no coincidence that this product has become a real bestseller. This product with effective ingredients: argan oil, sand and salts is a formidable ally to keep a soft and velvety skin.
  • Lait d’Orient: argan oil and sweet almond oil form Oriental Milk. It softens the skin and covers it with a veil perfumed with rose mixed with sandalwood.
  • Hand & nail cream: feel this sweet smell of rose mixed with sandalwood on your hands with this hand & nail cream.

Why use rose-based skin care products?

Did you know that the rose contains a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals? Not to mention that it also helps to balance the skin’s ph as it has antibacterial properties. One of the most famous cosmetic products with rose is surely its water. It can be used as a daily tonic or as an eye lightener.

But apart from the pure rose water, the rose itself has its own range at Les Sens de Marrakech. Find it in our micellar water.

The inspiration for Les Sens de Marrakech comes from a valley in southern Morocco. Every year in May, the Kella M’gouna is covered with thousands of roses, it’s time to pick them. The local community organizes a breathtaking festival for this occasion. Fragile and pulpy, the rose has always represented absolute femininity, aphrodisiac and intoxicating. So why not have it on hand in your cosmetic routines? Milk, soap, shower gel, hand cream… As you have seen above, Les Sens de Marrakech offers you a wide choice of rose-scented products.

In any case, the rose seduces not only by its properties but also by its smell alone.

If you need advice, the team at Les Sens de Marrakech can help you determine the best rose care for your skin’s needs. We are available via our page facebook Les Sens de Marrakech.

Sandalwood in cosmetics

Find sandalwood and its rich, sophisticated scent in a variety of our perfumes, soaps and lotions. How to describe its scent? Soft and creamy? Warm, rich and earthy? But also sensual and seductive, as well as slightly spicy. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time with Les Sens de Marrakech products.

One of the special characteristics of sandalwood is that it is a wonderful base note that complements and enhances other fragrances. Its character is further revealed when it is blended with a series of top and middle notes, including fruity, floral and earthy notes, to produce rich and uplifting scents. That’s why in our case, sandalwood has been married to rose to create intoxicating cosmetics.

In the past, sandalwood was mostly found in men’s fragrances because its masculine aspect was dominant. But nowadays, sandalwood is extremely popular in many perfumes and products for women as well, as proven by the rose and sandalwood range itself.

Order without further delay the original scented products Les Sens de Marrakech and let yourself be transported into a world of well-being.