Now more than ever, it’s time for some fun in the sun this summer. Coronavirus protection measures have been eased, so it’s time for a day at the beach or pool.

However, it is worth remembering that it is always important to protect your skin. Warm weather is good, but it can also be a dangerous time for it if routines don’t adapt to it.

So, to improve your summer skin regimen and keep your face healthy, scroll through our list of our top favorite tips for a beautiful summer skin.

Lighten up your skin care routine

In summer, the skin needs a refreshing routine. For this, rich and greasy products during the winter are not always appropriate.

For example Fresh Emulsion , a light and fluid cream which penetrates quickly. Enriched with dates and argan, it moisturizes the skin without weighing it down while leaving a soft sensation of freshness (as its name indicates).

It will allow your skin to breathe comfortably despite the heat. With Fresh Emulsion, your face will be full of tone without being stripped of its natural oils.

Leave the products with useless compositions

Choose to give the best of nature to your skin. Les Sens de Marrakech products have no deceptive packaging or over-packaging. Each product contains exactly the list of ingredients that compose it, no more and no less. Not to mention that each ingredient is of natural origin, silicone-free, paraben-free and generally free of unnecessary ingredients. Because you deserve the best. Indeed, products that are too “chemical” can clog the skin instead of helping it become more elastic. In the long run, this will only damage it.

(Read more about advantages of silicone-free products. )

So this summer, say goodbye to comedogenic and harmful products and welcome new products that are cute but mostly effective. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do. And at Les Sens de Marrakech, we always keep our promises!

And here we are talking not only about beauty products as such but even shower gel for example and other products that we can use daily. And indeed, try Shower Cloud , the latest addition to Les Sens de Marrakech. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, for pure fresh moments under the water. Shower Cloud is suitable for all skin types. You can then abuse it all summer long without fear that the skin will dry out after several washes. The whole family can use it!

Use special care after the beach

After a good sunbath, the skin can become fragile. To restore it, here are two extraordinary products: Sensual Balm and Sensual Oil.

Sensual balm: Daily, you can apply it after getting out of the water (bath, shower, pool, sea water). It is a rich and fragrant balm that repairs the skin to avoid possible cracking. No need to rinse after use.

Sensual oil: If you want, you can use the sensual oil as a massage oil. It is composed of argan oil and sunflower oil that soothe and restructure the skin very quickly.

Both are based on active ingredients that fight the aggressions of the summer sun and protect your skin from damage.

So, use these summer care tips above and you’ll have gorgeous skin all summer long.

Remember that the ideal is not necessarily a product that has quick effects but rather a product that does not attack the skin and improves it in the long term. Products with silicone, for example, tend to give fairly quick results, but in the long run they are not going to do the skin any good.

Know how to be patient before judging the effectiveness of this or that other product, and to do this, first read the ingredients that compose it. If the ingredients are “clean” it is already a good point to start using it.

On our website Les Sens de Marrakech you will see the ingredients under each item. Because we like transparency and we want to satisfy you as well as possible.

Moreover, the entire Les Sens de Marrakech team remains available if you have any questions. Goodbye!