les sens de marrakech Patchouli's range beauty products

The bold products of the patchouli range

Authentic and earthy patchouli body products are designed in the heart of Marrakech city to delight both your skin and your senses.

Available in one size

Starting from €7.50
  • Bath accessory that gently exfoliates and cleanses
  • Hand woven glove containing pieces of soap

Patchouli range, products with a haunting fragrance

The patchouli range contained daily use products such as hard soap, Ancestral Shower Gel with aloe vera and also the Sensual Body oil to use in circular massages in order to nourish your skin, the Oriental Body Milk, which can be used every day allows the skin to be soft and velvety. 

Discover also the Body water care Oil. In an instant in the shower, it will nourish your skin and deposit a non-greasy protective veil of delicate perfume in your skin.

For a soft, refined skin, the desert sand scrub will be an effective ally to rid your skin of all the dead cells that clog it and prevent it from breathing to be quite bright. Finally, the "Oriental delight cream", a skillful blend of argan oil, shea butter and patchouli, offers a dream combination for intense and lasting nutrition. Particularly suitable in summer and winter when the skin is more subject to external aggressions.

For a complete offer, discover the Patchouli Nirvanesque box set or the Oriental delight box, which, for a moment, will immerse you in the exhilarating universe of oriental scents.