• Pure Melting Scrub
  • Pure Melting Scrub

Pure Melting Scrub

On a luscious base of lactescente jelly and argan seeds, pure melting scrub gum dead cells, perfectly refines the grain of the skin and brighten the complexion.

  • Emballage fait par des artisans
    Moroccan product
  • Emballage fait par des artisans
    French expertise
  • Emballage fait par des artisans
    Packaging made by craftsmen
  • Emballage fait par des artisans
    99.6% natural ingredients


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pure melting scrub

Cleansing jelly with micro grains

A scrub instantly brings light to the face, the complexion becomes radiant, the skin is soft.

Daily life and pollution take a toll on the skin. Impurities, toxins, and blurred complexion are then the daily.

Pur Gommage Fondant is the anti-grey complexion remedy, thanks to its micro exfoliating argan grains on a base of milky jelly based on prickly pear seed oils, argan which turns into delicate milk on contact with water.

Ideal for those who like to take care of their skin, Pur Gommage fondant is the ally for maintained and soft skin.

How to apply this scrub

Apply a thin layer to dry skin (face and neck), gradually moisten the tips of your fingers and massage in small circular movements to create an emulsion.

Rinse thoroughly.

Use once or twice a week.

pure melting scrub

We answer your questions

How many times a week should I exfoliate?

We advise you to do it once a week in order to keep the balance and luminosity of your face.

I have very sensitive skin, won't the scrub irritate it?

Pure melting scrub is a mechanical scrub, that is to say that it acts with the grains and the circular movements that you are going to make, you just have to do them gently so as not to irritate your sensitivity.

Can I use Pure melting scrub in Daily Cleansing Gel?

Absolutely, just use a little and take a dab of Pure scrub, apply it to the face, massage it in and rinse it off.

I have combination skin, will my T-zone be rid of excess oil?

Apply more product to the sides of the nose and chin. Massage more vigorously. Your T-zone will then be cleansed more intensely.

Compositions & ingredients

Aloe Vera extract: Protects and rebalances the skin's pH. Moisturizes and nourishes by providing the skin with vitamins and minerals essential to cellular metabolism. Fight against inflammation. Forms a protective and refreshing barrier, has a strong moisturizing power.
Walnut shell powder: Very effective exfoliant, deeply cleanses the skin, easily removes impurities and dead cells.
Argan powder: Anti-spots, anti-wrinkle, healing, antioxidant.
Jojoba powder: Natural exfoliant for a micro peeling. Eliminates dead cells and impurities. Allows gentle and non-aggressive exfoliation. Gently purifies the skin.
Argan oil: Emblematic and endemic oil of Morocco. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (approx. 90%), in vitamins A (improves skin elasticity) and B, D and E (accelerates cell repair)
Phytosterols: Firming, softening, Antioxidant, anti-aging: neutralizes free radicals; Extremely nourishing, healing and protective. A real treasure for the skin.
Prickly pear seed oil: Exceptional anti-oxidant, it plays a protective role against the free radicals responsible for skin aging and it maintains the suppleness and tone of the skin thanks to its richness in vitamin E, Omega-6 and Sterols.
Glycerin: Captures water. Moisturizes, softens and softens the skin. It ensures the continuity of hydration by forming a barrier on the epidermis against external aggressions such as cold, wind and pollution. It has surfactant properties that smooth the skin, maintaining a constant level of hydration.

99.6% natural ingredients.

INGREDIENTS :Caprylic/capric triglyceride, glycerin, aqua, sucrose laurate, argania spinosa shell powder, sucrose palmitate, argania spinosa kernel oil, opuntia ficus-indica seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, sucrose dilaurate, sucrose dipalmitate, sucrose stearate, sucrose distearate, parfum


  • Natural Argan

    A flagship ingredient at Les Sens de Marrakech, cosmetic argan oil is used in 90% of our facial and body products.

  • Aloe vera

    It shoots, it stings, it is sometimes red and especially unpleasant, it is the daily life of a sensitive skin. That is where Aloe Vera comes in. Aloe vera is a plant from the desert plains that has a fabulous juice. It soothes, softens and can fight against all forms of irritation.

  • Prickly Pears

    Prickly pear seed oil is a treasure. Seed extract found in cactus fruits, it takes more than 10 000 fruits to get 1 liter of seed oil.



Composed of prickly pear seed oil, aloe vera and argan oil, this scrub to be used once or twice a week gently exfoliates thanks to micro vegetable particles of argan and jojoba. Perfect for asphyxiated, dull, lackluster skin.

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