March 2020 will remain, for all, engraved in our memories. Time has stopped, suspended from a virus, suspended from our health and that of our loved ones, but also from information that allowed us to see the end of the tunnel.
Apart from safety measures, what we have learned from containment is also taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s try together to turn the page little by little and the few keys below, we hope, will help.

Brighten and embellish your home

The gradual lifting of quarantine means a fresh start, why not? To do this, add colour to the house, rearrange the furniture, redecorate or simply perfume it.

Fragrances that invite us to travel, that remind us of our visits to those places we love so much. Indoor fragrances will create that indispensable cocoon giving the joy of being at home while tasting a little bit outside… During the day, diffuse this scent of memory of a tea in the Orient or Escape to Essaouira in all rooms.

While for the evening, choose a pshitt of mist 1001 nights orange blossom or ginger lotus depending on your mood. Prefer the vaporizers to refresh the atmosphere and get ready for the coming of summer.

Taking care of yourself

To take the next step in the year 2020, let’s take care of ourselves from head to toe. No more stress, anxiety, lack of sunshine: let’s make room for well-being and peace.

It’s time to take care of your face and body. For the face, let’s start by exfoliating at least once a week with the Pure Melting Scrub.

In parallel with a body scrub using our favourite: the Desert sand Body scrub. The grains of sand and Argan oil gently exfoliate the skin while the scent of orange blossom or aromatic tangerine or other, leaves a fragrant veil on the skin.

The skin becomes soft, free of impurities and deeply moisturized. (Discover the benefits of a body scrub for your skin)

Caring for your loved ones

Although we can’t completely get out and visit yet. The gradual lifting of quarantine does not prevent us from showing our loved ones how precious they are to us.
We don’t necessarily need expensive gifts to express our feelings to them. At Les Sens de Marrakech, the smallest gift is to offer an original gift card coming from that ochre city in Morocco that we love so much…

But you can also give them a lot of other gifts:
– Depending on their personalities: Perfumes or shower gels like our famous Ancestral Shower with 8 scents and different formats.
– Depending on the occasion: Celebrate Mother’s Day with the coffret « Everlasting Rose», a box specially designed for her, for your beloved’s birthday: the Prestige box for men will do the trick..

What’s next

The last few months have certainly brought their share of upheavals in every respect, but let us always keep hope alive. By gradually resuming our old habits, this is an opportunity for us to build again, to learn, to love and to move forward.

As the French proverb says, “From the past, however good or unhappy, the future is built for happier days”. May this quotation come alive in all of us.