It’s springtime and in Marrakech you can smell the bewitching scent of the bigaradier flowers, the famous neroli or orange blossom perfume. These scents mixed with the sun and golden skin make Marrakech hold such a special place in our hearts especially at this time. And in all honesty, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Immerse yourself in this universe with these sweet citrus scents from Marrakech with the Orange and Neroli eaux de parfums.

The eaux de parfum Les Sens de Marrakech

Neroli Eau de parfum

Neroli is a zest of tangerine in a sweet orange fragrance. Its desirable and irresistible fragrance reminds of the accents of Morocco. This musky floral creation invites you directly for a trip to Marrakech.

Produced from this famous exceptional oil called neroli, from the bigarad tree, the eau de parfum of the same name has a refreshing, sweet and flowery scent with a spicy base.

The Neroli eau de parfum is guaranteed beautiful tones with oriental touches to the Thousand and One Nights.

Olfactory pyramid of neroli perfume:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, sweet orange, mandarin
  • Middle notes: Orange blossom, white flowers, jasmine
  • Base notes: White musk, benzoin tears, sandalwood, labdanum

You can combine the range for the body Orange blossom or jasmine with your Neroli eau de parfum.

Orange perfume water

The Orange eau de parfum is a true hymn to the wonderful orange blossom that covers the Moroccan valleys in spring. It blossoms in a heart of sensual musk and is intoxicated by the warmth of deep amber. Discover an eau de parfum, a true ode to the sweet and intoxicating orange blossom.

Did you know that? There is a region in Morocco called Khémisset where a surprisingly large number of bigaradier trees are found. The bigaradier tree resembles an orange tree except that its fruit is not as juicy and it is also bitter. Its white flower is recognized by its exciting scent, and its oil contains extraordinary properties. The water drawn from its flowers is an integral part of the festivities in Morocco. And it is in its honor that Les Sens de Marrakech has created this eau de parfum.

Olfactory pyramid of Orange perfume :

  • Top notes: Orange blossom
  • Heart notes: Musk
  • Base notes: Amber and vanilla

The body ranges Orange blossom, Amber & musk will associate wonderfully with your Orange eau de parfum.

Get it on Les Sens de Marrakech and don’t hesitate to perfume your clothes with these neroli and orange eau de parfums to leave your mark over time.