Spring is coming soon! Usually it means a change of wardrobe but remember that your skin doesn’t have the same needs in spring as it does in winter during extreme cold. Spring then can also mean a change of beauty products. Do not worry though, there’s no need to renew your whole routine, a few natural products are necessary to help your skin glow.

Here are among them, those that we offer to keep your facial skin clean, illuminated all year round and especially in this pre-summer period.

Stock up on natural oils

Chances are that the skin will come out of winter more fragile and dry. This is the time to moisturize it intensely to prevent it from becoming more fragile. To do this, we recommend the noblest oils that nature has to offer: the pure argan oil of Morocco as well as the prickly pear seed oil.
These two wonders can be used for the skin to regain all its elasticity very quickly.
Only a few drops are enough to sublimate the skin, especially that of the face. But you can also mix them with your night cream for example for more efficiency.

Take care of your lips

Small detail but often neglected: lip care! Yes, your lips!

Then use our lovingly concocted lip balms, with argan butter / Sepilift ou argan butter/shea butter to plump or feed them. You will then find even healthier, beautiful lips that will be the icing on the cake of your pretty face.

Try our ginger and tea tree range

Did you know? Ginger has extraordinary anti-inflammatory powers. Combined with the antibacterial tea tree, it becomes an effective ingredient for skin weakened by sebum.

This range is perfect for combination or oily skin. Use the mix to help eliminate toxins. The pure matte cream gel for example, helps to reduce skin shine. The result? It becomes smoother and matte.

Or discover the purifying ginger mask with green clay to purify and clarify the complexion.

Certainly, the ginger range will bring you a healthy skin to face all seasons.

Don’t forget to exfoliate your entire body!

In parallel with the facial treatments, don’t forget the whole body as well.

Indeed, the transition from winter to spring is the ideal occasion to exfoliate the body skin. The tan will rest better on a well exfoliated skin and it will also give a softer and smoother appearance to the skin.

Our famous desert sand scrub is inevitably your favorite ally this spring. Its mini particles will exfoliate the skin gently but deeply. Use it once or twice a week starting today to ensure your skin is free of impurities and ready to receive the benefits of the sun.

Do not worry, the sand scrub produces a stimulating action on blood circulation and nourishes the skin thanks to the argan oil it contains.

Thus, with these 4 cosmetic products and tips Made in Marrakech, we hope to have been able to help you prepare your skin for spring.

On the website Les Sens de Marrakech, you will find even more exceptional products that will charm you all year round.