The end of year holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to think about gifts that would be wise to slip under the tree!

Les Sens de Marrakech celebrate the magic of Christmas by offering you wonderful boxes, as pretty as they are useful for taking care of yourself or others.

This festive period is a true invitation to share love and joy, which is why we invite you to discover our gift suggestions now, imbued with the delicate scents of the Orient, to offer a unique sensory experience to your loved ones.

“Nice Pochon” Orange Blossom

Discover the elegance of “Nice Pochon” with orange blossom, designed to envelop your skin in softness and fragrance. This cotton pouch, reusable and practical, contains the essentials for skin delicately scented with orange blossom. A little refined touch to please your loved ones addicted to this divine scent.

Symphony Velvet:

Offer an unforgettable olfactory experience with our handmade velvet pouch, a true showcase of perfumes with rich and captivating notes. This unique collection awakens the senses, transforming your interior into a sanctuary of relaxation where each spray becomes a sensory symphony.

Mini-box “Oriental Perfume”

Explore the magic of the Orient through our pretty mini burgundy box, a real invitation for an exquisite sensory journey. Combining business with pleasure, this refined set includes a Kessa glove for gentle exfoliation, an extra-gentle Amber and Musk Soap, as well as a Hand and Nail cream.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to this physical and olfactory delight, the symbol of a relaxing break.

Mandarin “Well-Being Ritual” Box

Take care of yourself and your loved ones during the winter season with this unique box with dynamic tangerine scent. Composed of an Aloe Vera shower gel, an airy milk mist and an extra-gentle soap, this set offers a touch of energy and well-being to brighten your days.

An invitation to relaxation and gentleness.

Amber and Musk “Discovery of the Orient” Box

Immerse yourself in the heart of Oriental traditions with this magnificent box set with Amber and Musk. Iconic products, perfect for a unique sensory experience.

An exceptional gift to offer or to treat yourself without moderation, to explore the captivating scents of the Orient.

Verbena “Perfect Discovery” Box

Everything you need to discover or take our delicately scented lemon verbena products with you everywhere.

For hands, body or bath, you will definitely find what you are looking for in this pretty pine green box with verbena.

“Well-Being Duo” Box

It’s time to treat yourself or those you love to a rejuvenating and relaxing break.

Two delicate treatments, accompanied by hand-made gloves, for a morning or nighttime routine. Let yourself be carried away by these relaxing treatments, bringing balance and relaxation to your daily life. Here is the duo box Well-being”.

Verbena “Velvet Skin” Box

We give you the secret to ultra-soft and well-nourished skin even in winter thanks to this complete verbena box, containing everyday treasures to take care of yourself.

Scented with lemon verbena, this set offers you a complete treatment experience, very easy to apply, for regular use and thus granting you real moments of relaxation of exceptional quality.