Several brands claim the naturalness in the composition of their products. But how do you know if this or that product has a composition of ingredients from nature that allows you to buy it with confidence but also that they are really harmless (because we must never forget that plants or flowers can also be toxic).

How can we then recognize natural cosmetics?

Recognize natural cosmetics

It is never easy to understand the Latin names listed in the description of the mandatory ingredients on each cosmetic package. But it should be known that the ingredients are in descending order.

Thus, the first listed on the list is present in greater quantity in the product, the latter is present in very low concentration.

Several elements must be taken into consideration to recognize natural cosmetics among an infinity of products.

The composition of the product

The products of Les Sens de Marrakech do not contain substances classified as CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic) harmful to the body. But our products go further. Thus, we will never put or put petroleum-derived materials like paraffin oil or silicone. (Read our article: Why prefer silicone-free products?)

Many brands, however, use this last ingredient comedogenic (that is to say, it clogs the pores) for its soft and creamy texture. You can recognize it under various names including those including “Dimethicone” and derivatives or “cyclopentasiloxane”.

For us, however, we concoct natural cosmetics so that they do not contain any of these substances that we consider harmful to the skin.

The mention of the Latin botanical name of the plant

For all natural cosmetics Les Sens de Marrakech, you will find in the list of ingredients the name of the natural plant active ingredients with the Latin botanical name of the plant from which they are extracted. Thanks to this you can be sure of the authenticity of the natural ingredients we use.

For example, Argan oil is called Arganiaspinosa kernel oil, Prickly pears seed oil is Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil, Aloe vera is Aloe Barbendesis, Sweet almond oil is Prunus amygdalusdulcis oil …

The standards to which our products are subject

All perfume compositions that go into the creation of Les Sens de Marrakech’s products meet the standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to ensure a composition without any risk for the consumer.

These perfume compositions are both fragrances from nature but also from the olfactory research of perfumers. Thus for a single perfume, the two elements can overlap for an optimal rendering and security.

Laboratory tests to ensure their natural quality

Because we think that it is not healthy to be judge and party and for a total neutrality, we manufacture and test all the natural cosmetics Les Sens de Marrakech, before putting them on sale, in an independent French laboratory. This ensures maximum safety of use.

Some natural cosmetics Les Sens de Marrakech

Very attentive to the ethical spirit, Les Sens de Marrakech offers a variety of natural products with ingredients selected for their effectiveness and safety. For each type of skin, the research and development laboratory, based in Marrakech, has developed formulas that are full of natural ingredients. These, for a total transparency, have an irreproachable traceability.

Among these ingredients, we find argan oil, Morocco’s prickly pear seed oil, natural shea butter, aloe vera … Combined with expert know-how and ancestral knowledge of these ingredients, the development of these natural products has been achieved with, for the sole purpose of bringing softness, nutrition, balance to the skin while leaving him a scented veil.

So, for skin and hair choose, for example, the 100% natural argan oil Les Sens de Marrakech. This oil rich in vitamin E with antioxidant properties is the happiness of all who have tried it. Applied directly or in massage, it gives life to tired and torn skin. This oil also nourishes the hair to make it silky and shiny.

For the bath and the shower: opt for the silicone-free shower gelAncestral Shower“. Based on natural aloe vera combined with the scent of your choice, this shower gel respects the pH of all skin types. Result: a cleansed and scented skin.

Discover all the range of natural cosmetics offered by Les Sens de Marrakech, by traveling on our various collections.