Home fragrances, diffuser perfumes and pillow mists with oriental scents.

Les Sens de Marrakech offers a wide range of home fragrances from the lands of the Orient that will delight your senses and enhance the interior of your home.

Spray-on perfumes, diffused scents or pillow mists will transport you to the traditional homes that make Morocco so charming. Our product range includes items with a variety of subtle scents that will fill your home with oriental mists and fragrances.

All our home fragrances, with ingredients of natural origin, are an invitation to an olfactory voyage. Available in a range of scents, these home fragrances are perfect for every taste.

Whether you prefer floral, spicy, woody or fruity scents, you’re sure to find a fragrance to suit you.

Perfumes for capillary diffusion

The capillary diffusers with rattan stems are an elegant and effective way to perfume your home.
This glass scent diffuser with capillary stems is perfect for continuously perfuming your home. The diffusion principle couldn’t be simpler: the plant stems soak up the fragrance contained in the vase and gradually diffuse it by capillary rise, delivering a gentle, constant scent.

This gentle process creates a soothing, fragrant atmosphere in your home, without any strong chemical or artificial odors.
Capillary diffusers are also very easy to use. The container already contains the scented liquid (which is refillable) and all you have to do is place the rattan rods inside. You can adjust the number of rods to suit the intensity of fragrance you desire.

These products are designed to offer a gentle, subtle diffusion experience. Cactus Flower and White Jasmine fragrances evoke the lush, exotic atmosphere of Marrakech, while Heart of Spices combines warm notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cedar and patchouli for a warm, comforting ambience. Capillary diffusers add a touch of sophistication to your home décor, while creating a pleasantly scented environment.

Spray perfumes

A quick way to perfume your home and treat yourself to an oriental fragrance in just 1 spray.

Visit spray fragrances are an excellent option for scenting your home. Fragrances are formulated from natural ingredients and high-quality fragrances, making them a healthy alternative to synthetic chemicals.

Spray-on perfumes are similarly simple to use. Simply spray the liquid into the air or directly onto textiles to create a fragrant atmosphere. By spraying directly onto upholstery, you can prolong the scent for a soft, fragrant atmosphere all day long.

These spray-on fragrances in a variety of scents let you transform the scent and ambience of a room in just one spray.
The spray perfumes are available in a range of exotic and seductive fragrances, perfect for nourishing your desire to travel to Marrakech, without having to leave the house.

Which scent would you choose? Floral, powdery, fresh or deep? Les Sens de Marrakech gives you the choice.

Pillow mists

To complete the range of home fragrances, discover the pillow mists spray on pillows, sheets and curtains. Everyone knows that pillow mists calm the mind and body. A pshit on your pillows at night before bedtime and you’ll have a restful sleep.

There’s a choice of two fragrances: orange blossom, lulling you to sleep with its sweet, unique scent, or lotus ginger, a unique blend of lotus and ginger for nights full of unexpected surprises.

Use this two-scented pillow mist to experience precious, comforting sleep. You can also spray it on your sheets or curtains to gently lull you into Morpheus’ arms.

Restful, dreamy sleep guaranteed!

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