New designs, new packaging, new formats and authentic accessories

Les Sens de Marrakech, an emblematic brand of natural cosmetics inspired by Moroccan art and culture, continues to push back the boundaries of elegance and creativity.

In this issue, we delve into the details of new products that completely redefine the Les Sens de Marrakech product experience.

An inspiring new design :

From the outset, Les Sens de Marrakech products have embodied refined Moroccan aesthetics and rich local know-how. The new products are no exception.

Geometric patterns, vibrant colors and delicate details underline the brand’s commitment to cultural authenticity and reflect the meticulous craftsmanship of Marrakech.

Change colors and packaging and add valuable decorative elements to products

Les Sens de Marrakech celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and to mark this milestone, products from Face care, Body and Bath have been completely redesigned. New formats, new shimmering colors, but still the same formulations based on ingredients of natural origin and, of course, the traditional spirit that so defines the brand.

To highlight the richness of Moroccan craftsmanship and add a precious, traditional touch to their new products, Les Sens de Marrakech worked hand-in-hand with Marrakchi artisans to offer two delicate accessories in nickel silver and passementerie.

The attractive nickel silver base can be used to decorate the bottles of the Oriental Milk 250ml, de l’Sensual Oil 250ml and the indestructible Traditions Soap 250ml. The elegant ring in maillechort and passementerie is added at the top of Bath products like the Ancestral Shower 250ml, the Shower Cloud 150ml and theWater Care Oil 200ml.

While preserving authenticity, the accessories incorporate contemporary elements, creating a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The brand is committed to connecting the past and the present, offering products that transcend time. This unique approach to art and modernity defines the distinctive identity of Les Sens de Marrakech.

Commitment to sustainability :

In addition to aesthetics, Les Sens de Marrakech places sustainability at the heart of its concerns. The new packaging is eco-designed to maximize the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

Wherever possible, raw materials are sourced from the different regions of Morocco, and Les Sens de Marrakech favors short, local circuits to limit their impact on the environment.

Commitment to the environment is an essential value for Les Sens de Marrakech, enabling us to offer only products with ingredients of natural origin and to reinforce the preservation of natural Moroccan beauty, a primary source of inspiration.