The face is the mirror of the heart and it is also the first element that reflects your identity. That’s why we must take care of it. So if you are interested in beauty tips for face and trends as well as beauty secrets in the world, this section is for you! Articles are posted to help you have a radiant and rejuvenated face!

Bath and body
6 September 2020

Protective mask and facial care

« My skin is irritated from wearing the protective mask, what should I do? » Several articles talk about it: wearing a mask is good but can irritate the skin in the long run. So what can you do to protect those around you while taking care of your skin? Choosing the right protective mask Prefer cotton and washable protective…

Bath and body
6 July 2020

Travel size cosmetics from Marrakech

Easy holidays with our selection of travel size cosmetic products from Marrakech! Get your own Les Sens de Marrakech travel kit They’re all cute and beautiful, they have come all the way from Marrakech to join you this summer. These very pretty bottles that you can also refill with the refill bottles that you will find in our ranges. From…

Bath and body
14 June 2020

Our secrets to make your tan last longer

In summer, to tan well and make the tan last, it is important to scrub the face and the whole body. Here, find all our preparation secrets to have that beautiful glowing skin with a tanned complexion. Exfoliate the whole body Do you have your tanning product and are you ready to “have a new skin”, but wait a minute….

Bath and body
14 April 2020

Beauty products made in Marrakech

Les Sens de Marrakech, Marrakech, the city of the founder’s heart, the city where the senses are in perpetual awakening. A city made of scents, colors, body rituals. Les Sens de Marrakech evokes the life of Marrakech, so swarming and so lively (attention Le Sens de Marrakech is not Les Sens de Marrakech). It is a story of hopes, encounters,…

Bath and body
16 December 2019

Know more about the 100% natural prickly pear oil from Morocco

In this article, we explain in brief the world of preparation and the benefits of Moroccan natural prickly pear oil on the skin . Once you are convinced of its miraculous properties, go to Prickly Pear Seed Oil- Les Sens de Marrakech to obtain your own precious oil. Preparation of our natural prickly pear oil The prickly pear is a…

Bath and body
18 November 2019

Prepare your skin for winter with these natural cosmetics

Preparing your skin for winter is giving it all the assets to pass these difficult months. During these rigorous months, the skin is subjected to various external aggressions, cold, wind, rain, and it is not rare to see cracks, crevasses, dartres appear for the most fragile and sensitive skins. The more the skin is treated upstream, the less the effects…

Bath and body
14 October 2019

The best natural products for a moroccan hammam

Kessala is what we call these women present in the hammams and who know perfectly the traditional Moroccan hammam. Use these natural products for a perfect moroccan hammam session In Morocco, the tradition is still relevant even if each Moroccan family has a modern bathroom. Thus, it is not uncommon to see a group of women with a bucket with…

Bath and body
19 August 2019

The benefits of aloe vera for the skin

The benefits of aloe vera are well established. Its multiple active properties make it a shock ally for the skin. You have, without a doubt, already heard about this ancient recipe to soothe sunburns. “If you have an aloe next to you and your skin has blushed in the sun, you cut a sheet of aloe, a viscous liquid (gel)…

Bath and body
15 July 2019

The benefits of using natural argan oil on the skin

Argan oil or desert natural gold is a cosmetic and edible product obtained by pressing the kernel contained in the fruits after drying in the sun. Moroccan argan oil contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants that bring important benefits to the skin. These include maintaining elasticity and preventing premature aging. Thanks to its nourishing properties, the skin is plumper,…

17 June 2019

Our advices to obtain a perfect complexion

Who has not dreamed of having a perfect complexion? Certainly all of us! But to achieve this result, it essentially involves the adoption of an effective routine. A perfect complexion with a basic routine and natural products To have a beautiful complexion, it is important to combine two indissociable elements: an effective basic routine and natural products that are appropriate…

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