Morocco has an exceptionnal geography. Its land is rich and very fertile. Find out below all the aromatic plants and natural products from Morocco.

Aromatic plants from Morocco

Marrakech’s orange blossom

The plants and flowers that grow there are of an incredible variety. In April, Marrakech is the city of orange blossom where the scent embalms the city for 1 month. Streets, gardens, houses. Everything is an ode to this flower.
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Roses from the South of Kelaa M’Gouna

The South region of sud de Kelaa M’Gouna has a rose valley where a celebration is held every may. It’s in that city that pure rose water is made. They are even using old stills.
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Jasmine, verbena and almond from Marrakech and Ouarzazate

Jasmine, verbena, almond can be found all over Morocco but particularly in the south like in Marrakech or Ouarzazate. Anyways, if you are in Tanger, you can still spot them in some places.
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The best natural products from Morocco

Argan oil, the precious oil of Morocco

Between Essaouira and Agadir, there is the precious gold, the moroccan argan oil. The argan tree has been existing in the land for hundred years. And it is endemic to Morocco only.
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Cactus from Morocco to obtain the prickly pear seed oil

On the slopes of southern Morocco, where the drought is severe, are planted cacti to serve as a reserve of water and food for the animals during summer. The research has highlighted the exceptional qualities of the fruit of the cactus, the cactus which, after a long and tedious extraction gives the prickly pear seed oil of Morocco. Just look up to find it.
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Natural clay from Fès (Rhassoul)

Many natural places produce clay in Fès. Clay helps to clean the skin but also to relieve greasy skin and to remove pimples. People also use it to remove all impurities from hair and to get shiny hair. Thus it also helps to give hair more volume.
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The algae of Morocco

Morocco is full of assets such as seaweed that we find along the Moroccan coast crossed by the Mediterranean in the north or atlantic for the south but also arbutus, sea buckthorn, blue chamomile, lavender, nigelle and many other things we will keep the secret to better discover it.