Traditional Soap for hands

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Liquid soap 250 ml for hands based on Aloe Vera to clean the skin gently.

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Indications :

For fans of natural and traditional washing.

Application :

Massage your hands with the soap. Lather and rinse thoroughly.

Active substances :

  • Aloe vera : Protects and rebalances ph of the skin.
    92% of ingredients of natural origin

    INGREDIENTS : Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, cocamidopropyl bétaïne, sodium chloride, parfum, glycerin, potassium sorbate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder. + specificities of each fragrance (go to the fragrance range and choose your product).
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Maya 10/02/2015

Je l'ai découvert dans un hôtel à Marrakech. Je l'avais acheté et l'ai découvert sur le site. J'ai retrouvé mes souvenirs de vacances et du Maroc. A refaire mais en litre maintenant.

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Traditional Soap for hands

Traditional Soap for hands

Liquid soap 250 ml for hands based on Aloe Vera to clean the skin gently.

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