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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical informations:

»How to track the delivery of my package?

An order confirmation email will be sent to you upon shipment of your order. The tracking link you receive is activated within 24 hours, which is the time for the carrier to physically receive the package. We invite you to follow your order after this time.

»I have a problem sending or receiving my goods?

Contact the logistics department located in Poitiers at 05 49 45 60 09 from Monday to Friday and excluding public holidays from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

» How can I update my personal information?

In category « My account », identify yourself, click on« personal informations » and make the desired changes, then click on « Validate ».

»I forgot my password. What should I do?

In category « My account », click on « Forgot your password », then enter your registration email address where we will send you your password.

» I would like advice, a diagnosis or ask questions about the products?

Contact our Beauty Consultants at 01 75 43 06 86 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (excluding holidays). They will guide you in your choice. Or we invite you to go to one of our resellers(Our points of sale).

»Where can I find the products LES SENS DE MARRAKECH ?

Simply consult the list of our points of sale to know the store nearest you. Our products are also available for purchase 24 hours a day on www.lessensdemarrakech.fr.

Product Information:

» Where do the products Les Sens de Marrakech come from?

Our products are manufactured in Marrakesh, Morocco where our laboratory, our headquarters and factory are located. Once checked and packaged, the products are shipped to France by boat. It consumes less energy and is more respectful to the environment. Hence, we favor the maritime transport.

» Are Les Sens de Marrakech's products non-comedogenic?

As we do not use ingredients from the oil industry, our products do not promote the appearance of blackheads that is non-comedogenic.

» Why aren’t the products Les Sens de Marrakech 100% natural??

Despite a high concentration of natural ingredients sometimes up to 100%, some of our products for better stability, softness and preservation have ingredients that we cannot classify as natural.

» Are the products hypo-allergenic?

Our products are tested by an independent laboratory to minimize the possible risks of allergy.

» Can we use Les Sens de Marrakech's products during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

During your pregnancy we recommend that you use without any moderation the natural argan oil that you will find in the «Bath and Body» section «Black soap, rhassoul and natural argan».

In addition to its many virtues, it prevents possible stretch marks and will nourish your skin more fragile during this period. You can use all the face products. For the body, we advise against verbena, olive black and rhassoul with aromatic extracts due to the presence of camphor.

» Do Les Sens de Marrakech products contain essential oils?

To reduce the risk of allergies and maximize the tolerance of use of our products, we do not use pure essential oils. They can sometimes be found in some scented compositions but at minimal doses. All of our perfume compositions meet current IFRA standards.

» Can we use Les Sens de Marrakech's products on babies or children?

Just like pregnant women, we always recommend using natural argan oil for children especially for those under 3 years old. Due to the presence of certain compounds such as camphor present in verbena products, olive black with aromatic extracts, rhassoul with aromatic extracts, their use on children under 3 years is forbidden.

» May I get free samples to try the products?

Our samples and test doses are available in our outlets visible in the "About" section. Our beauty advisors will be there to advise you and make you try our products. Free samples will also be given.

» What if my argan oil becomes cloudy?

The natural waxes contained in argan oil have the particularity to freeze when the temperature drops. The oil will begin to become cloudy and may become opaque. This does not alter its cosmetic qualities. But be careful, do not put it in cold conditions for a long time and we advise you to keep your cosmetics at room temperature.

» My argan oil or my prickly pear seeds oil have unpleasant odors?

These are 2 products sold in the rough except for an antioxidant that prevents rancidity. Therefore, their smell is not masked by a perfume. Argan oil has a slight smell of hazelnut. Prickly pear seed oil has a slight greenish odor.

» Can a perfume Les Sens de Marrakech have a different smell from one person to another?

Each skin has its own smell that depends on its nature, its eating habits and its lifestyle. Each perfume, each range of skincare for the body will have a personal olfactory effect.

» I do not smell my perfume anymore, what to do?

The nose is a living organ that gets tired. Feeling the same fragrance for a long time weakened the sensation felt at the first moment when you breathed it.