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Harvested in spring and late summer near Marrakech, lemon verbena soothes and refreshes. In Morocco, its exceptional verbena perfume earns it a nickname full of promises "The grass with enchantments".

Available in one size

Starting from €9.58
  • Skin, Moisturizing milk with argan
  • Provides optimal nutrition for dry to slightly dry skin

Available in one size

Starting from €17.50
  • For a natural and traditional cleaning
  • Liquid soap with aloe vera
Starting from €5.00
  • Soft soap with argan and shea butter
  • For a natural and traditional wash
Starting from €35.00
  • Two essential verbena scented products in a bag
  • A personalized bag containing your favorite products
Starting from €47.50
  • Box made in Marrakech containing a body milk, a soap and a hand cream
  • Nice box with the original scent of Marrakech

Morocco is one of the most productive countries of verbena. Originating from the Andean Cordillera and South America, this shrub has been used for more than four centuries as an ornamental, aromatic and medicinal plant around the Mediterranean basin.

The benefits of lemon verbena scent

In Morocco, it is notably grown around towns and villages in the Marrakech region. Traditionally, one extracts from its white or mauve flowers a verbena essential oil with the characteristic lemon scent, particularly pleasant and soothing for the senses, which gave it the nickname of lemongrass or fragrant verbena. It is this haunting scent that makes it possible to distinguish "the grass with the enchantments" of its Indian cousin with the smell much less pronounced.

Verbena is known for its invigorating properties, its scent allows you to relax and rest. Used in cosmetics for its bright fragrance and lemony scent, the scent of verbena adapts to all cravings. By entering the composition of our products, they will promote your well-being by plunging you on an olfactory journey. Refreshing, this plant can also be used in the composition of Ancestral shower gels Verbena or hard soaps Verbena very pleasant to use in summer.

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