Dry friction glove

To wake up tired skin, create a micro exfoliation and promote blood circulation. Hand-woven with 2 ultra-thin superimposed layers, the friction glove is to be used on dry skin, preferably at the start or end of the day to relieve tired legs. Particularly appreciated in summer for heavy legs, the friction glove is the essential glove for those who like to take care of the quality of their skin and its tone in a jiffy. After use, we advise you to apply a milk or cream for nourished and velvety skin.
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Use: On dry skin, massage more or less vigorously according to your preference but always from bottom to top, in a circular motion in the direction of the heart. Use 1-2 times per week. Finish by applying a nourishing or moisturizing Oriental Milk, Delight Cream or Sensual Oil or Sensual Balm.

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