Amber and musk
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Amber and musk

In Morocco, a legend tells that once Amber served as a protective talisman and that, mixed with musk, it was the ingredient of some love potions.

Starting from €22.50
  • Skin, to be sprayed
  • Alcohol-free milk mist to spray, moisturizes, refreshes

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  • Body, rich cream with argan and shea butter
  • Nourishes, repairs, protects and perfumes the skin

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  • Body, argan oil scented without rinsing
  • Ideal for moisturizing and softening dry skin

Available in one size

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  • Body and hair balm with argan oil
  • For a deeply nourished body and hair
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  • Nice pouch containing your favorite scented products
  • For a nourished, perfumed and moisturized skin
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  • Bath essentials with amber and musk
  • Discovery purse scented with amber and musk

For many centuries, amber and musk fascinated by their mystical aura. Their captivating scent evokes mysterious legends and far-off lands bathed in sunshine.

The combination of amber and musk to reveal beauty and inner peace

The legend tells that musk has the power to drive out evil spirits, and lift up the soul. Even today, it remains synonymous with strength and purity. Its suave and woody fragrance so prized by the great perfumers provides a deep feeling of comfort and fullness. With a character that is both sensual and powerful, it has the advantage of appealing to both women and men.

In mythology, yellow amber, translucent resin with sunny reflections, embodies youth and eternal love. Well-known alternative medicine, it is famous for stimulating immune defenses. Diffused into the atmosphere in the form of incense, it has a purifying action that is invaluable for relieving respiratory tract infections. Its warm, round scent with delicately sweet notes is an invitation to relax. It is an olfactory delight that will sublimate your evenings, immersing you in a cocoon of relaxation conducive to a restful and soothing sleep. Nourrish your skin with the sensual balm amber and musk.

To bring together these two precious ingredients is to combine their cosmetic benefits for a care of great pleasure. More than just beauty products, they transport you to the heart of myths and legends, stimulating your senses and your imagination. While the skin is intensely nourished and hydrated, the rich and enveloping fragrances exalt the senses for a powerful wellbeing. For your home, try our assortment of perfumes amber and musk today.

Do not wait any longer to discover the unique cosmetic benefits of body care enriched with these prodigious elements.