Almond blossom Luxury & Nutrition box

Nourish and protect your body and hands with the 250 ml almond blossom body lotion and the 75 ml hand and nail cream of the same scent. And a 100 gs soap because it can be used all the time and makes this box the perfect gift.


The almond blossom nutrition box is a beauty essential for a woman. Body milk, soap, hand cream. In winter, in summer, these are all 3 essential products for a nourished, soft and perfumed skin.

Compositions & ingredients


  • Rose & sandalwood

    In May, the M'gouna kella valley of southern Morocco is covered with thousands of roses, it is the time of the picking. Fragile and pulpy, the rose represents absolute, aphrodisiac and intoxicating femininity.

  • Almond blossom

    At the end of winter,we discover the season of almond flowers... The buds appear discreetly in March, leaving the first petals of flowers with their pink hearts edged with soft green.Announcing the end of winter and the return of the sun, the beautiful almond blossom scent is known for its many natural benefits.


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