Discover the range of products based on sandalwood and rose

In May, the M'gouna kella valley of southern Morocco is covered with thousands of roses, it is the time of the picking. Fragile and pulpy, the rose represents absolute, aphrodisiac and intoxicating femininity.

Sandalwood, the second most expensive wood, is a fragrant tree native to Asia. After a distillation of this wood, it emits a very particular perfume to bring a woody note to perfumes and various cosmetic products. As for the rose, with its aphrodisiac and intoxicating properties, you will delight the senses while ensuring your well-being. The two mixed essences make it possible to obtain pleasantly scented products with a feminine and inspiring fragrance. Their aromatic benefits are well established and have already delighted a large number of women.

Sandalwood associated with rose, the scent for an assumed femininity.

The mixed scent of sandalwood and rose brings you to the heart of nature by offering you a woody and flowery scent for femininity and absolute sensuality. We use this mixed scent in our different products to give a romantic and very feminine fragrance. Discover it in our: ancestral shower gels, desert sand body scrubs, sensual body oils, the famous body wash water to rinse in the shower, oriental milks for body and our hard soaps sandalwood and rose perfect for the hands or shower. For a gift idea, discover the kit "Eternal Rose" containing products based on rose and sandalwood! These two species are perfectly combined and the entire rose and sandal range adapts to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Do not wait any longer to enjoy it!

Find this subtle blend of scents to perfume your home. The capillas which diffuse with the rattan stems a sweet scent but also the perfume to vaporize which transports you to Morocco towards the valley of the roses.