Deep hydration with white shea butter for hair, face and body

White shea butter is already well known all over the world, do you know all the benefits of this incredible natural emollient?

A moisturizing white shea butter for your hair, face and body

A symbolic tree of West Africa, shea nuts produce small nuts at the heart of which are precious almonds. Cold pressed, they produce a smooth butter whose benefits are considerable for your hair and your skin. Rich in fatty acids, karite shea butter is indeed an emollient and an outstanding healing: it nourishes the skin, softens and relieves the tightness caused by dry skin.

Naturally soothing, shea butter extract allows you to deeply nourish, repair, protect and restore skin elasticity. You can use shea butter products in your bath to make your skin softer and even to get a massage.

Shea butter can also be used to eliminate redness after hair removal. Used in creams (example: hand cream , foot cream and body butters (example : the Cream Oriental Delight ) of the brand Les Sens Marrakech, we also use shea butter for scrubs (example: the exfoliating cream and the melting cocoon shea butter ) especially for dry and very dry skin.

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